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Miken Electronics

Worldwide Distribution

Miken Electronics is approved to ISO9001


Miken Electronics has partnered with a World class UK manufacturing company based in London. The company is called Roshe Power and they can produce a large range of products.

Worldwide voltage converters


One of the premier ranges that Roshe power produce are a comprehensive collection of autotransformers, to enable our users to use their electrical devices anywhere in the world efficiently.

Bespoke Transformers


We manufacture an extremely comprehensive array of transformers, ranging from very small audio signal devices right up to 100kVA 3 Phase transformers.

Power Supplies


Roshe Power designs and supplies a whole spectrum of power supplies and power conversion units for both AC and DC applications.


Roshe Power prides itself on its experience and expertise regarding its comprehensive range of filters, suppressors, and chokes. Electro-magnetic interference is tackled effectively and economically with our designs.

Professional Lighting Transformers


Our 'Light Sophistication' range of low voltage lighting power supplies is elegant enough to enhance any low voltage lighting display. Primarily aimed at professional installations these units will provide a safe, durable and reliable solution to your power supply needs.

Commercial Lighting Transformers


Roshe Power designed and developed the 'Delta' range of low voltage lighting transformers in its efforts to provide a quality product at a competitive price. Each transformer is double insulated and has separate 50 watt outputs.

Special projects


Roshe power do not limit themselves to restricted range of devices, in fact one of our proudest claims is that we are able to produce custom solutions to our customer’s problems at a very modest cost.



Miken Electronics

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