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Computer aided design allows engineers and designers to mechanically design vector based graphics that depict structures and objects. CAD has replaced the traditional technical draft drawing, offering engineers a greater depth of technical information including materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances according to the application.

To make engineers life easier Chambrelan have included both 2D and 3D CAD files for both all UK heavy duty slides, linear rails, slide and tilt drop down draw systems and slam lock draw locking systems, which are capable of being downloaded and configured into the engineers’ drafts. This allows designers and engineers to carry out fit and function before assembling our slides into the product. All our files are readily available for download, without needing to sign up and with over thirty different files, suitable for a range of CAD software, we have aimed to help designers configure our products directly into their designs. Not only does this offer our customers cost savings, it helps designers save valuable time in the modelling process.

For a full list of our CAD files, simply select the heavy duty slide or linear rail, select the CAD download button and choose the software. For those designers and engineers who wish for a more bespoke product, Chambrelan has the team capable of working with customers to design the right product for their application. Some applications needing more specialised products will need to be designed especially and these bespoke products will be made to order. For more specialised heavy duty slides and linear rail motion systems, contact Chambrelan UK directly and we will do what we can to work with engineers to create them their own slide.

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