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Miken Electronics

Worldwide Distribution

Miken Electronics is approved to ISO9001


NATO Specification Electronic Components


Miken Electronics Worldwide stocks and supplies NATO specification electronic components and can supply these on a day-to-day or long-term term basis. The Miken team has years of experience recognising NATO numbers and the company has the tools to be able to source the items globally. Why not Let Miken help you finds those NATO items that you are struggling to find.    

NATO Codified Commodities / Obsolescence

Obsolescence / hard to find

Miken Electronics Worldwide Limited specializes in sourcing and supplying obsolete, shortage, and production quantities for active, passive, and electromechanical components and electronic parts.

When your requirement is more difficult than normal to source, Miken Electronics Worldwide Limited will take the extra steps to get you the components you require in a timely manner. We continue to keep searching for the parts long after many others have given up. If all else fails, we work to find the appropriate alternatives for you, which can be cross-referenced from our technical library.


Miken Electronics

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Tel: 00918431145225


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